Friday, August 30, 2013


There are times in my life that I just seem to go with the flow…Day in and day out.

Sure, I love my kids, my husband, and my family, but we get into our routines. We go our separate directions and hopefully catch a glimpse of each other in passing; planning on catching up and enjoying "quality" time with each other next weekend or on the next vacation, whenever there is MORE time.

Convenience ...wins again.
Life is busy. My life is full. It’s filled with a lot of good, necessary and important things. Work, school, church and life in general are pulling at all of us and it seems that time is slipping away from me. My kids are growing up. The reflection in my mirror is changing with barely a reminder of my youth.

I am getting older…Time is on my mind.

A friend of mine lost her son tonight. He was the same age as my oldest daughter. Graduated, moved out, and moving on with life; the future bright with promise and happiness. My heart is breaking for her. Life has stopped for this brief moment, reminding me of what is really important. Reminding me that I've taken my eye off the ball. Given it to a lot of lesser things that seemed to pry at my attention a little louder.

Reminders can be SO painful; forcing us to face our shortcomings, weaknesses, and imperfections. Sometimes I need them. Sometimes it's necessary for me to stop the madness and pause. Life has a way of forcing me every once in a while, to stop and take notice.

So, I guess it all comes back to time.

I have let time win yet again and it has taken full advantage of my preoccupation. I've taken time for granted. Most likely, despite my refocused efforts to the contrary, I'll continue to do it. The squeaky wheel WILL get the oil eventually.

But not tonight....Tonight everything has stopped.

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